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Triquest Services Ltd. strives to meet the needs of their clients and will provide additional value to the project to ensure that happens. We believes that continuing to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients, and fostering a culture that allows its team to grow and thrive is the key to success.


Who we are


Triquest Services Ltd. started its business in 2000 as an electrical maintenance contractor in commercial and industrial settings. Clearview Industrial Enterprises was founded in 1992 and worked primarily in the commercial sector with some work in industrial. In 2006 the two companies merged, bringing 60+ years’ (at the time) worth of knowledge, experience, and exceptional analytic skills together. Our highly skilled and dedicated workforce is committed to maintaining an unparalleled level of quality and client satisfaction every time. Triquest has built its business on quality workmanship, industry knowledge, experience and providing valuable solutions to its clients.We have operations in Calgary, Edmonton and Invermere but have worked all over Canada on all kinds of projects. We are not afraid of travel or working outside our home bases. Some of our key employees have experience working in extreme conditions. From Northern British Columbia to Russia, from Tuktoyaktuk to Manitoba to Texas, we’ve been there.

Quality, Innovation, Service

We foster a culture of doing the best possible, thinking outside the box, and finding cost-effective solutions

Honesty, Respect, Teamwork

We encourage honesty at every turn. We make mistakes like everyone else and as a team, we fix them, and learn from them.

Diversity, Sustainability, Ethics

We hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. We encourage our employees to help set these standards and police them.