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Years of experience in the Industrial Electrical field has given Triquest Services Ltd. expertise in a lot of specific areas. The Oil and Gas sector is a large part of the history of Triquest. From wiring industrial skid packages, to designing control panels for all kinds of industrial processes, Triquest has been there. Water treatment, waste water treatment for camps in the oil fields, process skids for the oil and gas sectors are but a few examples of our experience. Explosion Proof, general purpose, weatherproof and tropical and fungal resistant  wiring methods are all things we have experience with.

Automation design and engineering

Electrical power design and engineering

Instrumentation wiring

Process Control Design and implementation

PVC water distribution piping

Generator and transfer controls

Instrumentation sampling

Instrumentation programming

Automatic valve setup and wiring

Hazardous location wiring

Power and control tray installation

Custom built motor control

Custom built process control panels

PLC control, HMI, SCADA, remote monitoring

Data logging and trending

Level sensing

Waterproof wiring, splashdown application wiring

Chemical injection skid packages

Corrosion resistant installations

Ensuring Compliance with Government licence for water quality

Government compliant installations

Heat tracing, hazardous and non-hazardous locations

Installation and Commissioning

Instrument selection and setup

Lift station single and duplex pump control packages

Maintenance and upgrades

Permanent Water and Waste water facilities

Prototyping machine and/or processes

Remote programming and operation access ability

Skid mounted Clarifier packages

Skid mounted vacuum pump packages

Industrial Experience