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Serving Alberta and British Columbia

And the rest of Canada too!

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The staff at Triquest has a long history in the repair and troubleshooting fields. We have experience with printing equipment, food handling, conveyors, VFD, VSD, automated processes, chemical manufacturing, water treatment, and waste water treatment and many other types of equipment and processes. Commercial and Industrial buildings, their systems and distributions can be maintained and repaired by us. We have the tools and experience to track your problems down and repair them.

If a maintenance program is your goal, we can help you out with that too. Planned shutdowns involving breaker testing and calibration, cleaning, torquing, and visual inspections can all be performed within your allotted timeline.

Don’t let your operation experience unplanned downtime due to lack of maintenance!

Maintenance, Repair, and Troubleshooting

Commercial Facilities

Printing Machines

Maintenance Shutdowns

Industrial Facilities

Food Handling machines

Water and Waste Water plants


Conveyor systems

PLC and I/O troubleshooting

Motor Control

Machine tools

Receptacles and general office wiring

Automated Processes

Standard and European motor repair

Distribution and Service

Variable Frequency and Speed Drives

Planned maintenance

Building controls