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Everyone talks about safety. At Triquest we walk the walk. Triquest is proud to have held a COR (Certificate of Recognition) since 2010. This is a safety standard set in Alberta requiring constant review, upgrading, and peer inspection for compliance. In addition, Triquest is a member in good standing with Complyworks. Triquest receives most of its safety training through the ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association).

Orientation is the first step in letting a new employee know we are serious about safety. Every new employee goes through orientation.

Training is paramount to working safely. Every employee is required to have a minimum of CSTS (Construction Safety Training System), and WHMIS training. Most employees are First Aid trained. Foreman and supervisors have further training provided by the ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association) for their particular roles. Project managers are additionally trained for incident investigation and site safety inspections. Every step of the process is documented.

Employees are additionally trained for the tasks they may be required to perform. These may include fall arrest, elevated platform, H2S alive, confined space, and any site specific training. All training records are kept and training is updated and current.

Hazard Assessments are the next step in the process. These are performed with project managers, supervisors, foremen, and workers. The goal is to identify particular site hazards and how to control them.

FLRA (Field Level Risk Assessments) are done for a given day/task so that employees are knowledgeable about the day’s or task’s specific hazards.

Meetings are held to accommodate learning and disseminate information. These include: Company-wide, toolbox, weekly and  as needed meetings.

Documentation is crucial to the program. Every incident, near miss, meeting, toolbox meeting, FLRA, HA, JHA, is documented. These become training review aids and establish a benchmark.

The Safety Manual contains all of the information the company owns and is consistently maintained to be sure it is up-to-date. Every employee has a copy. All employees are encouraged to add to it and submit changes to policies, procedures, practices, and rules to keep abreast of the most recent changes to safety.