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Technical Services

-Triquest Services Ltd. Can provide a host of technical services. We have a great deal of experience in designing, upgrading, and maintaining automated processes and machines.

-We can do power studies to determine the capacity remaining on your service and to make sure the system is balanced. And we can look for transients and power quality problems.

-Thermal imaging is a big part of a maintenance program. We do that along with a hands-on process that sometimes fixes a problem before it becomes a bigger, downtime issue.

-PLC programming, reprogramming and modification are part of our repertoire. Machines and systems with PLCs often have their programs backed up by battery. Over the years the battery deteriorates. When it goes, and you shut the power off, your program and data can be lost. Often we can back up your program for archival purposes. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a program lost and find out the manufacturer no longer exists.

-You just imported a new machine for your facility and find out it does not comply with local and national requirements We can help bring it into compliance, and have it field certified to ETL/CSA standards.

-Planned maintenance shutdowns, testing, cleaning, and re-torquing are also in our scope. We have the experience to get it done correctly within your allotted time frame.

Thermal Imaging

Power Studies, Short Term event, long term

Machine installation

Machine upgrading, automation

Data Logging and trending systems for buildings

Lighting controls

Motor control

Machine repair and troubleshooting

Power monitoring and metering

PLC and HMI integration

Custom control design and implementation

Smart MCC integration

Breaker testing

Service and Distribution maintenance

Planned shutdown and maintenance

Drafting and drawings

PLC programming and changes

Circuit tracing

Fire Alarm device relocation

Generator Installation, load testing, controls

HVAC system auxilliary equipment, pumps, fans

Branch circuit and Panel monitoring

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) changes and setup

UPS Battery testing and installation

Emergency lighting testing and maintenance

CSA/ETL compliance upgrading

Waveform capture

Harmonics logging

Power Quality Studies

Machine troubleshooting

Facility Troubleshooting

System Troubleshooting

Process Troubleshooting