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We like to keep our customers happy. They have been kind enough to tell us why they continue to use us:

I have been engaged with Triquest since late 2009 where they played a key partner role in the construction of our downtown Calgary Data Centre. They continued with several other construction data centre builds always within budget and on time.  

After construction they played a vital role in providing expertise to a number of internal projects as well as comprehensive maintenance solutions to several of our Alberta Data Centres.

Finally they have provided emergency support with no available notice day or night that was critical to keeping systems available to service our many clients.

I can say they have been and continue to be a critical partner to our business success.”

Steve Christian

Manager, Data Centre Operations CGY1 & CGY2

Rogers Communication

Production downtime in our business can be very costly. We spend a considerable amount of time with Triquest Services to proactively find solutions to avoid downtime. PLC and VFD service and repair have been prompt and painless. Preventative and predictive solutions are far better than reactive. To do this right, you need a competent electrical partner like Triquest.”

Cam Richardson

Team Leader, Maintenance

TransCanada Turbines Ltd.

“I have been using the services of Triquest now for over 6 years. During this time I have managed Data Centre’s with Pivot Data Centre’s, Rogers communications and Shaw Data Centre and Cloud Solutions. Triquest have consistently proven to me that they have an in depth knowledge and understanding of electrical critical infrastructure within a Data Centre facility. They have remained competitive with pricing and have given a 5 star service with all installs and preventative maintenance activities. I have a trusted partner relationship with Triquest and know that they will work effortlessly in order to deliver a timely and professional solution every time.”

Robert Feeney

Data Center Manager

Shaw Data Centre & Cloud Solutions

"Triquest's involvement has been a key success factor on a number of projects I've managed; ranging from small renovations to large, multi-million dollar technical facility builds. Their input during the design process always lead to improved constructibility and reduced capital cost. On more than one occasion, their dedication and collaborative approach to problem solving proved invaluable to achieving a critical deadline; and their attention to quality is second to none. Triquest is my "go to crew" for all things electrical and I highly recommend their services."

 Le Roy Rasmussen BSc, ISP, ITCP, CSM, PMP    Mentor Project Management Services.

“We have been using Triquest for our electrical requirements for about three years now. Over this time the personnel from Triquest have provided a very professionally service and their installations have maintained the highest of quality. They have worked on everything from basic lighting to a 480V 800 transformer install. On projects with time restraints Triquest have done what it takes to get things competed on time, limiting downtime and production loss.”

Darryl Gosse. P.Eng.

Engineering Manager

Variperm Canada Limited