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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is a tool used in the electrical industry to detect “hot spots”. Hot spots are frequently caused by loose, or poor electrical connections, and overloading. Thermal Imaging, performed by a qualified thermographer, can detect these problems early on, before they become a major problem, or cause a fire. Thermal imaging detects these issues in a non-contact, and safe environment without equipment or distribution shutdown. Thermal imaging, in fact, is best done on equipment full-load. Electrical thermography enables the identification of only those items that require immediate service as well as the severity of the problem. Triquest has two certified Level 1 Thermographers and years of experience in the electrical maintenance field. Detailed reports are compiled based on your requirements. Thermal imaging in no way replaces a comprehensive maintenance program, but enhances that program.

Non-Invasive maintenance and early detection tool

Motors and mechanical equipment friction heating

No loss of production time

Process heating system verification

Catches problems early before they become serious

Heat loss or gain measurement

Often required by insurance companies

Targets problem quickly

Accurate temperature measurement

Liquid level detection